Your question: How chromosomal duplication is originated and its significance?


What is chromosome write its significance?

Chromosomes are thread-like structures present in the nucleus. They are important because they contain the basic genetic material DNA. These are present inside the nucleus of plants as well as animal cells.

What is the importance of duplication mutations in evolution?

Gene duplication is very important for the evolution of species because it can facilitate the creation of new genes. Normally, changes to genes result in loss of function and so are weeded out by natural selection.

What is the importance of duplication?

Gene duplication is an important mechanism for acquiring new genes and creating genetic novelty in organisms. Many new gene functions have evolved through gene duplication and it has contributed tremendously to the evolution of developmental programmes in various organisms.

What is the benefit of gene duplication?

Gene duplication can significantly speed up evolution by providing new redundant genetic material that has no constraints and can freely evolve new functions [1]. Duplicates can also confer an immediate fitness benefit when an increased gene dosage is advantageous [2,3].

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What is the significance of polyploidy and gene duplication in general to evolution?

Of the many processes that generate gene duplications, polyploidy is unique in that entire genomes are duplicated. This process has been important in the evolution of many eukaryotic groups, and it occurs with high frequency in plants.

What is chromosome duplication?

The term “duplication” simply means that a part of a chromosome is duplicated, or present in 2 copies. This results in having extra genetic material, even though the total number of chromosomes is usually normal.

Why the study of chromosome has become very significant in the field of biology?

Study of chromosomes has become very significant in the field of biology because: 1 It helps us to study the genetic and heredity relationship of our ancestors. 2 It helps us to determine the gender of the new born baby. 3 It helps to find out the reason for abnormalities in human beings.

When and where are chromosomes found what are they made up of mention one significant function of chromosomes?

State their function. Chromosomes are thread-like structures present in the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell, which carries genetic information from one generation to another. They play a vital role in cell division, heredity, variation, mutation, repair and regeneration.