You asked: What organs does meiosis occur in animals?


Where does mitosis occur in animals?

Mitosis in eukaryotic cells

Growth in animals and plants. In animals mitosis for growth takes place throughout the organism until the animal is an adult and growth stops. In plants mitosis takes place throughout life in growing regions called the meristems. Replacements as cells wear out.

Does mitosis occur in animals?

Mitosis is the process in cell division by which the nucleus of the cell divides (in a multiple phase), giving rise to two identical daughter cells. Mitosis happens in all eukaryotic cells (plants, animals, and fungi). It is the process of cell renewal and growth in a plant, animal or fungus.

In which of the following organ does meiosis occur quizlet?

Meiosis occurs in egg and sperm production. You just studied 70 terms!

In what organs does meiosis occur quizlet?

Haploid gametes produced in a male’s testes. Where does meiosis occur? In germ line cells in the reproductive organs, or gonads (ovaries in females, testes in males).

Do animals use mitosis or meiosis?

somatic cells in animals can only undergo mitosis . Meiosis takes place in reproduction cells where the cells divide following procedural sequence.In a nutshell ,meiosis is for reproduction purposes while mitosis is for growth of new cells of other body parts ,somatic cells.

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Where do mitosis and meiosis occur in animal cell?

In animals mitosis occurs in somatic cells and meiosis in germ cells during gamete formation, in plants mitosis occurs in all except those which produce spores by meiosis.

Do animal cells go through meiosis?

Animals spend most of their life in the diploid genetic state, and only undergo meiosis at the time of gamete production. Gametes are single cells that have no independent existence.