You asked: What is produced by meiosis in a male mammal?

What are the products of meiosis in males?

Meiosis produces our sex cells or gametes? (eggs in females and sperm in males).

What does meiosis in mammals produce?

Errors in chromosome segregation during meiosis result in the production of eggs or sperm with an inappropriate number of chromosomes and these, upon fertilization, give rise to aneuploid conceptions. …

What are the results of meiosis in males?

Meiosis in males produces sperm. The process is called spermatogenesis. A diploid spermatocyte will undergo the entire process of meiosis to produce four haploid cells. Then these cells become specialized: they lose most of their organelles, and develop a flagellum for locomotion.

What is the product of meiosis in plants?

In plants, meiosis creates a multicellular haploid organism, called a gametophyte , which in some groups is independent of the diploid plant. Gametes are produced by mitosis of the gametophyte, which then fuse to form the embryo. This cycle is called alternation of generations.

What are the products of meiosis in males quizlet?

Sperm and egg cells have 23 chromosomes in humans; somatic cells have 46 chromosomes. Sperm and egg cells are the products of meiosis, but they do not undergo any cell division themselves. Instead, sperm and eggs fuse in fertilization to produce a zygote.

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