You asked: Can you determine an individual’s genotype just by looking at them?

Can you always determine an organism’s genotype just by looking at them?

It is not always possible to determine what genes an organism is carrying by simply looking at its appearance. … Because of dominance, there is not a one-to-one correspondence between the alleles that an organism possesses (i.e., its genotype) and the organism’s observed phenotype.

What is the only way to determine an individual’s genotype?

Knowing the Genotype: Punnett Square

A Punnett square is one of the simplest ways to determine genotype. The square is actually a mini-chart used to determine the potential genotype for an offspring with respect to particular trait.

Can a person’s genotype Cannot always be determined by looking at their phenotype?

No, a person’s genotype cannot be determined solely by their phenotype as many genes in our genome do not get expressed.

Can you accurately determine an organism’s genotype by?

Can you accurately determine an organism’s genotype by observing its phenotype? … Although knowing an organism’s genotype would allow one to predict its phenotype, some phenotypic traits can be the result of either homozygous or heterozygous combinations of alleles.

Can As marry AA?

Compatible genotypes for marriage are:

AA marries an AS. You’ll end up with kids with AA and AS which is good. But sometimes if you’re not lucky all the kids will be AS which limits their choice of partner. AS and AS should not marry, there is every chance of having a child with SS.

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Can you determine the genotypes of any individuals in the pedigree?

You may not always be able to determine the genotype of an individual based on a pedigree. Sometimes an individual can either be homozygous dominant or heterozygous for a trait. Often, we can use the relationships between an individual and their parents, siblings, and offspring to determine genotypes.