Which statement correctly defines the difference between a gene and a chromosome?

Is it true that chromosomes and genes are different for the same structure?

Genes are segments of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) that contain the code for a specific protein that functions in one or more types of cells in the body. Chromosomes are structures within cells that contain a person’s genes. Genes are contained in chromosomes, which are in the cell nucleus.

Which statement is true of both chromosomes and genes?

Both genes and chromosomes are made from DNA. Genes are the basic functional unit of heredity and comprise a small stretch of DNA. Chromosomes are DNA and associated proteins, which form a complex organisation and are present as chromatin fibres in the nucleus.

What’s the difference between chromosomes?

A chromosome is made up two Identical Sister Chromatids.

Difference between Chromosome and Chromatid
Chromosomes have centromeres It is the Sister Chromatids only who have centromeres
DNA is utilized during macromolecule synthesis (synthesis of complex proteins) DNA is not utilized during macromolecule synthesis

What is the difference between an allele and a gene quizlet?

What is the difference between a gene and an allele? A gene is a specific section of a chromosome where the base pairs that code for the characteristic are stored whereas an allele is the actual sequence of the base pairs in the section.

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What is the difference between genes and cells?

Genes are found on tiny spaghetti-like structures called chromosomes (say: KRO-moh-somes). And chromosomes are found inside cells. Your body is made of billions of cells. Cells are the very small units that make up all living things.

Which of the following statements is true about chromosomes?

Answer: c) it is composed of DNA in the form of protein and chromatin.

What is the relationship between a genome chromosomes and genes?

A genome is an organism’s complete set of DNA. If the DNA code is a set of instructions that’s carefully organised into paragraphs (genes) and chapters (chromosomes), then the entire manual from start to finish would be the genome. Almost every human’s genome, chromosomes and genes are organised in the same way.

Do genes and chromosomes have similar Behaviour justify?

‘Genes and chromosomes have similar behaviour’. DNA is present on chromosomes, and genes are segment of DNA. They both contain genetic material of the parent and passed on to the progeny. Both genes and chromosomes carry hereditary information to the offspring.

How was it known that genes are located on chromosomes?

The behaviour of chromosome and genes was studied during meiosis by Walter Sutton and Theodor Boveri, and they observed similar movement in chromosome and gene. Hence, it was proposed by them that genes are located on chromosomes.