Which organism has the highest lowest number of chromosomes?

Which organism has the lowest number of chromosomes?

To date, the organism with the least number of chromosomes is the male Australian ant, Myrmecia pilosula, with one chromosome per cell (male ants are generally haploid—that is, they have half the number of normal chromosomes while the female ant has two chromosomes per cell).

Which species body cells have the smallest total number of chromosomes?

The preparation and study of karyotypes is part of cytogenetics. 2 for females, males are haploid and thus have 1; smallest number possible. Other ant species have more chromosomes.

Which animal has highest no of chromosome?

Tympanoctomys barrerae, a desert specialist member of the family Octodontidae, until now thought to be conservative, and ancestral to South American hystricognath rodents, presents the highest diploid chromosome number (2n=102) known in a mammal.

Which organism has only one chromosome?

In a few very simple forms of life, such as bacteria, the entire genome is packaged into a single chromosome. But other organisms, with genomes a thousand or even a million times larger than those of bacteria, divide their hereditary material among a number of different chromosomes.

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Which organism has the highest number of factors?

In terms of numbers of species, insects certainly represent the largest percentage of the world’s organisms. There are more than 1 million species of insects that have been documented and studied by scientists.

Which of the following organisms has the highest number of genes?

Scientists have discovered that the animal with the most genes–about 31,000–is the near-microscopic freshwater crustacean Daphnia pulex, or water flea. By comparison, humans have about 23,000 genes. Daphnia is the first crustacean to have its genome sequenced.

What chromosomes do females have?

Consequently, all of the somatic cells in human females contain two X chromosomes, and all of the somatic cells in human males contain one X and one Y chromosome (Figure 3). The same is true of all other placental mammals — males produce X and Y gametes, and females produce only X gametes (Figure 4).

How many chromosomes do giraffes have?

The giraffe has a diploid chromosome number of 2n = 30, whereas the okapi chromosome number varies from 2n = 46 to 2n = 45 and 2n = 44 due to a “recent” Robertsonian fusion event.

Do lions and tigers have the same number of chromosomes?

Among lion, tiger, and domestic cat, all the three have the same number of 38 chromosomes, yet they have different appearances.