Which is an example of an allele quizlet?

What is allele quizlet?

An allele is an alternative form of a gene (one member of a pair) that is located at a specific position on a specific chromosome. These DNA codings determine distinct traits that can be passed on from parents to offspring. … They are exactly like their parents. It only has one division and that leads to two cells.

What is a non example of an allele?

DEFINITION :A gene that has more than two alleles. CHARACTERISTICS : -more than 2 alleles. NON-EXAMPLE : –normal gene with only one allele.

Which of the following is an example of a genotype quizlet?

Definition: An allele whose trait (phenotype) is always expressed when present in the genotype. Example: A father has brown eyes with the genotype of HH. A mother has green eyes with the genotype of hh. The son has brown eyes with a genotype of Hh.

Which is an allele?

An allele is a variant form of a gene. Some genes have a variety of different forms, which are located at the same position, or genetic locus, on a chromosome. … Alleles contribute to the organism’s phenotype, which is the outward appearance of the organism. Some alleles are dominant or recessive.

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Is TT an allele?

If an organism has two different alleles (Tt) for a certain gene, it is known as heterozygous (hetero means different).

Genotype and Phenotype.

Genotype Definition Example
Heterozygous One dominant allele and one recessive allele Tt
Homozygous dominant Two dominant alleles TT

Which is an example of a heterozygous allele quizlet?

Heterozygous alleles are alleles that act on different colors. For example allele for blue & allele for black.

What is homozygous quizlet?

homozygous. an organism that has two identical alleles for a trait (purebread) phenotype.

What are alleles quizlet Chapter 11?

alleles. one of a number of different forms of a gene. gametes.

What is an example of homozygous?

Homozygous means that the organism has two copies of the same allele for a gene. … For example, pea plants can have red flowers and either be homozygous dominant (red-red), or heterozygous (red-white). If they have white flowers, then they are homozygous recessive (white-white). Carriers are always heterozygous.

What is an example of phenotype?

The term “phenotype” refers to the observable physical properties of an organism; these include the organism’s appearance, development, and behavior. … Examples of phenotypes include height, wing length, and hair color.