Where does mitosis do not occur?

Where does mitosis not occur in the human body?

Cell division by mitosis occurs in all human body cells except the gonads (sex cells).

Where is it unlikely that mitosis will occur?

The three cells in which mitosis is unlikely to occur are: a sperm cell, a red blood cell, and a lymphocyte.

Which of the following is not a function of mitosis?

Production of gametes from diploid cells is the correct answer. C. This is not one of the functions of mitosis.

What organ does mitosis occur in?

Active mitosis occurs in the skin and bone marrow, with skin cells and red blood cells that have a finite lifespan being replaced.

Which cells Cannot divide?

There are a few exceptions (e.g. liver cells or T-cells) but in general specialized cells can no longer divide. Skin cells, red blood cells or gut lining cells cannot undergo mitosis. Stem cells do divide by mitosis and this makes them very important for replacing lost or damaged specialized cells.

Which cells do not undergo cell division?

While there are a few cells in the body that do not undergo cell division (such as gametes, red blood cells, most neurons, and some muscle cells), most somatic cells divide regularly.

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Which if the following is not a function of meiosis?

The option that is not a function of meiosis is c. Tissue renewal and repair. Tissue renewal and repair is a function of mitosis only and not meiosis.

Which of the following is not a function of meiosis cause an organism to grow?

Which of the following is not a function of meiosis? cause an organism to grow (Meiosis produces gametes and creates genetic variability, but it is not used to increase cell numbers of an organism.)