What is a chromatin material?

How chromatin material is formed?

The DNA + histone = chromatin definition: The DNA double helix in the cell nucleus is packaged by special proteins termed histones. The formedprotein/DNA complex is called chromatin. The basic structural unit of chromatin is the nucleosome.

What is chromatin material and how does it change just?

The DNA + histone = chromatin

As the cell initiates divisions by either meiosis or mitosis. During the interfaces, DNA is combined with the proteins and organized into a structure called chromatin. This chromatin is a thread like structure which condenses to form chromosomes just before the cell division occurs.

What is the function of chromatin material?

Chromatin fibers are coiled and condensed to form chromosomes. Chromatin makes it possible for a number of cell processes to occur including DNA replication, transcription, DNA repair, genetic recombination, and cell division.

What is chromatin material and how does it change just before the cell divides what is their chemical composition?

Chromatin material is a mass of genetic material consisting of DNA and histone proteins. Before the cell divides,the chromatin material packages itself more tightly for facilitation of segregation of the chromosomes.

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How does the chromatin changes during cell division?

Chromatin is a complex of DNA and proteins that forms chromosomes within the nucleus of eukaryotic cells. … During cell division, the structure of the chromatin and chromosomes are visible under a light microscope, and they change in shape as the DNA is duplicated and separated into two cells.

What is chromatin Fibre Class 9?

Chromatin is located in the nucleus of our cell. It is composed of DNA and proteins that condense to form chromosomes. It compresses the DNA structure into a compact unit so that it can fit within the nucleus. The nucleosome further folds to form a chromatin fibre. …

What is the major structural difference between chromatin and chromosomes?

The main structural difference between chromatin and chromosomes, is that chromosomes are highly condensed and packaged prior to cell division. Whereas chromatin is the unwound component of DNA.