What has twice the number of chromosomes found in body cells?

Does a gamete have twice the number of chromosomes as a body cell?

A gamete has the same number of chromosomes as a body cell. A gamete has twice the number of chromosomes as a body cell.

What is it called when cells have two sets of chromosomes?

Haploid cells contain one set of chromosomes. Cells containing two sets of chromosomes are called diploid.

Do germ cells have 46 chromosomes?

Germ cells contain a complete set of 46 chromosomes (23 maternal chromosomes and 23 paternal chromosomes). … The overall process of meiosis produces four daughter cells from one single parent cell. Each daughter cell is haploid, because it has half the number of chromosomes as the original parent cell.

How many pairs of chromosomes do humans have in their liver cells?

There are 46 chromosomes in each liver cell.

How many chromosomes do somatic cells have?

There are 23 pairs of chromosomes in somatic cells; one member of each pair is paternal (from the father) and one maternal (from the mother).

How many chromosomes do human cells like a liver cell have Choose the two answers that apply?

Except for certain cells (for example, sperm and egg cells or red blood cells), the nucleus of every normal human cell contains 23 pairs of chromosomes, for a total of 46 chromosomes.

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