What happens to a phenotype when there is codominance?

What happens to the phenotype in codominance?

In COdominance, the “recessive” & “dominant” traits appear together in the phenotype of hybrid organisms. With codominance, a cross between organisms with two different phenotypes produces offspring with a third phenotype in which both of the parental traits appear together. … A good example of codominance.

How is codominance expressed in a phenotype?

In codominance, two alleles are equally expressed in the phenotype of an organism. We can easily see this by looking at blood type. … Type O blood has neither antigen. Both A and B are dominant, while O is recessive.

How are dominance codominance and incomplete dominance?

Codominance and incomplete dominance are different types of inheritance (specifically genetic).

Table 1: Incomplete dominance vs. Codominance.

Incomplete dominance Codominance
The offspring do not show the parental phenotype. The offspring shows both parental phenotypes.

What occurs when the phenotype of a heterozygous offspring is blended?

Codominance. Codominance occurs when both alleles are expressed equally in the phenotype of the heterozygote.

What does codominance mean in genetics quizlet?

Codominance. A condition in which both alleles for a gene are fully expressed.

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