What does it mean to have identical genotypes?

Is it possible that same genotype have different phenotypes?

The genotype is expressed when protein and RNA molecules are made using the information encoded in the DNA of the genes. Due to the presence of a dominant allele, the same phenotype but distinct genotype is possible.

Does everyone have a unique genotype?

We are all unique. Even monozygotic twins, who are genetically identical, always have some variation in the way they look and act. This uniqueness is a result of the interaction between our genetic make-up, inherited from our parents, and environmental influences from the moment we are conceived.

Could there be someone in the world that is phenotypically identical to you?

Yes, it is very likely that two human can look very similar, possibly even identical, but they will never be genetically identical. The odds of this happening are so as close to zero as you can get. Yes, it is possible for two humans to be genetically identical, but so slim that our world may never see.

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Can siblings have different genotypes?

X and Y chromosome differences mean that brothers and sisters can never have identical genotypes. However, brothers have the same DNA on their Y chromosomes.

Does Twin have the same genotype?

Monozygotic or identical twins occur when a fertilized egg splits apart in the first two weeks of development. The result is the creation of two separate, but genetically identical offspring. That is, they possess the same genotype and often the same phenotype.

Why is it possible for an organism to have 3 genotypes but 2 different phenotypes?

Mandira P. Same phenotype but different genotype is possible due to presence of dominant allele. … In both the above cases the trait controlled by dominant allele will be expressed and hence there will be no distinction in phenotype. This phenomenon is seen in all organisms including plants.

Why can individuals with different genotypes have the same phenotype quizlet?

Each parent provides its offspring with one allele if every gene, so that the offspring inherits a pair if alleles for every gene. The combination of alleles in the offspring. … The masking of recessive alleles can result in organisms with the same phenotype but different genotypes.

Why don t similar genotypes produce the same phenotype?

Why don’t similar genotypes always produce the same phenotype? Animals display different phenotypes dependent on diet, not genotype. … the allele’s frequency should not change from one generation to the next, but its representation in homozygous and heterozygous genotypes may change.

When genetics look at genotype What are they really studying?

When geneticists look at genotype, what are they really studying? Genotype represents the genetic information, or DNA sequence, of an individual organism.

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Are humans genetically identical?

All human beings are 99.9 percent identical in their genetic makeup. Differences in the remaining 0.1 percent hold important clues about the causes of diseases.

What determines your genotype?

Genotype is determined by the makeup of alleles, pairs of genes responsible for particular traits. An allele can be made up of two dominant genes, a dominant and a recessive gene, or two recessive genes. … Genotype is inherited from an organism’s parents and expresses all of the genetic information about it.