What can occur by the process of meiosis but not mitosis?

What event occurs only in meiosis?

Crossing over only occurs in Meiosis.

Which of the following events does not occur in mitosis?

B), replication of DNA does not occur in mitosis. Replication of DNA occurs during S phase, an entirely different phase of cell division where the…

Which event occurs during both mitosis and meiosis?

Both mitosis and meiosis entail four main events: 1) a reproductive signal, 2) replication of nuclear DNA, 3) segregation of the replicated nuclear DNA into new daughter nuclei, and 4) division of the cytoplasm, or cytokinesis to produce new daughter cells.

Which is unique in mitosis and does not occur in mitosis?

During mitosis, all the chromosomes behave independently while during meiosis, homologous chromosomes pair up through synapsis and form bivalents in zygotene substage of prophase-I, then in pachytene substage, crossing over occurs between homologous chromosomes and during diplotene substage of prophase-I of meiosis …

Which of the following is unique to mitosis and not a part of meiosis quizlet?

Which of the following is unique to mitosis and not a part of meiosis? Homologous chromosomes behave independently. Pairing of homologous chromosomes allowing independent segregation and crossing over is unique to meiosis. In mitosis, homologous chromosomes behave independently.

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Does not occur in mitosis?

Crossing over does not occur in mitosis. Crossing over occurs in telophase right before the cells split since all the DNA and cell growth has occurred by this point. Crossing over occurs in metaphase when all the chromosomes are aligned in the middle of the cell. Their close proximity allows crossing over to occur.

Which of the following does not occur in meiosis?

The correct answer: The condition that does not occur in meiosis c) Two daughter cells at completion.

Which is not observed during mitosis?

Crossing over occurs during meiosis I and not mitosis.