What are the primary components of a eukaryotic chromosome?

What are the primary components of an eukaryotic chromosome quizlet?

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  • Chromatin. Complex of DNA + protein in nucleus.
  • Histones. Small proteins with a preponderance of basic amino acids lysine and arginine. …
  • Core histones. Form core of nucleosome. …
  • Condensin. Protein complex help condensed interface chromosomes into metaphase chromosomes.
  • p arm. …
  • q arm. …
  • Idiograms. …
  • Heterochromatin.

What are the main components of chromosomes?

The major chemical components of the chromosome are DNA, RNA (nucleic acids), and proteins (histones and nonhistones).

What are the three essential elements of a eukaryotic chromosome?

In order to duplicate and segregate correctly, chromosomes must contain three functional elements: (1) origins for initiation of DNA replication; (2) the centromere; and (3) the two ends, or telomeres.

What are the two main components of eukaryotic chromosomes quizlet?

Eukaryotic chromosomes are made up of DNA that is tightly wound around histone molecules. These DNA and protein structures pack together to form condensed coils. You just studied 8 terms!

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What are the defining features of eukaryotic chromosomes quizlet?

The eukaryotic chromosome is made up of chromatin, a linear DNA strand that is bound to and wrapped around histones, which are proteins that keep DNA from getting tangled and enable it to be packed inside the nucleus in an orderly way. contain free-floating linear chromosomes within a nucleus.

What are the two components of the chromosome?

What are the two chemical components of chromosomes? DNA and proteins. Why did researchers originally think that protein was the genetic material? Proteins had specific functions with great heterogeneity.

What are the two chemical components of a chromosome?

The chemical composition of a chromosome is DNA and histone proteins.

What are the components of chromosomes Brainly?

Answer: The components of Chromosomes are DNA, RNA and Proteins.

Which of the following structures of a eukaryotic chromosome is not primarily composed of DNA?

The DNA-protein complex which comprises eukaryotic chromosomes. Which of the following structures of a eukaryotic chromosome is not primarily composed of DNA? A) Telomeres.

What is eukaryotic chromatin composed of?

In eukaryotic cells, chromatin consists of all the DNA within the nucleus and its associated proteins, called histones. Eukaryotic chromosomes are composed of chromatin, and each consists of two complementary strands of DNA coiled tightly around histones.