What alleles that are both expressed in a heterozygote?

What is an expressed allele in a heterozygote?

In a heterozygous genotype, the two different alleles interact with each other. This determines how their traits are expressed. … The allele that’s expressed more strongly is called “dominant,” while the other is called “recessive.” This recessive allele is masked by the dominant one.

When both alleles are equally expressed in a heterozygote it is called?

In some situations both alleles are expressed equally. A genetic scenario where neither allele is dominant or recessive and both get expressed is known as ‘codominance‘. Blood types are excellent examples of codominance.

When both alleles of a heterozygote genotype are expressed in the phenotype the trait is described as a blank trait?

Codominance. Codominance refers to the dominance in which the two alleles or traits of the genotypes (of both homozygotes) are expressed together in offspring (phenotype). There is neither a dominant nor recessive allele in cross-breeding.

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When both alleles for a trait are the same?

Both alleles for a trait are the same in an individual. They can be homozygous dominant (YY), or homozygous recessive (yy). heterozygous; usually referring to the offspring of two true-breeding (homozygous) individuals differing in the traits of interest.

When both alleles are expressed?

If both alleles are dominant, it is called codominance?. The resulting characteristic is due to both alleles being expressed equally. An example of this is the blood group AB which is the result of codominance of the A and B dominant alleles.

When both alleles are equally expressed in a heterozygote it is called quizlet?

Terms in this set (79) Compare and contrast the terms codominance and incomplete dominance. When both alleles are equally expressed in the phenotype codominance is occurring.

When there are two different alleles present in a heterozygote and both of these alleles are expressed as in blood type This condition is called?

Codominance is a relationship between two versions of a gene.

When both alleles are expressed equally in the phenotype of the heterozygotes?

Codominance occurs when both alleles are expressed equally in the phenotype of the heterozygote. The red and white flower in the figure has codominant alleles for red petals and white petals. Codominance.

When the phenotype of both alleles are exhibited in the heterozygote?

Chapter 11: Mendel and the Gene Idea

codominance phenotypes of both alleles are exhibited in the heterozygote
complete dominance phenotypes of the heterozygote and dominant homozygote are indistinguishable
cystic fibrosis disorder caused by a recessive allele for a chloride channel protein
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When the phenotype of a heterozygote is an intermediate between either homozygote the alleles are said to be incompletely dominant?

Two or more versions of a gene called are called: alleles. When the phenotype of a heterzygous genotype is intermediate between that of either homozygote, the gene is said to exhibit: incomplete dominance.