Quick Answer: What happens after chromosome duplication?

What happens after chromosome replication?

After replication,the two daughter DNA molecules remain tightly associated with each other in a process known as sister chromatid cohesion.

What does gene duplication do?

Gene duplication can provide new genetic material for mutation, drift and selection to act upon, the result of which is specialized or new gene functions. Without gene duplication the plasticity of a genome or species in adapting to changing environments would be severely limited.

What is the process of duplicating chromosomes prior to cell division?

In order for a cell to divide, all of its chromosomes must be duplicated in a process called DNA replication.

What causes chromosome duplication?

Duplications typically arise from an event termed unequal crossing-over (recombination) that occurs between misaligned homologous chromosomes during meiosis (germ cell formation). The chance of this event happening is a function of the degree of sharing of repetitive elements between two chromosomes.

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