Quick Answer: What are the two male gametes produced by pollen grain?

Why does pollen grain have two male gametes?

Pollen grain possess two male gametes for double fertilization in most angiosperm. Explanation: … One is for egg(n) and the other is for central cell (2n). One of this gamete fuses with egg which forms formed zygote and resulting to the embryo in the later process.

How many male gametes can 4 pollen mother cells produce?

Thus, a pollen mother cell generates four gametes. Hence, the correct answer is option (A).

Is pollen grain a male gametophyte?

Each pollen grain consists of vegetative cells and generative cells. … Similarly, the unicellular microspore produces male gametes and develops into mature microgametophyte by the process of mitotic cell division. Hence, the pollen grains are immature male gametophyte and partially developed male gametophyte.

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