Question: How many different genotypes will be produced in F2 generation of a Monohybrid cross?

What genotypes are possible in the F2 generation of a monohybrid cross?

Monohybrid Cross: F2 generation

The F2 generation would have genotypes of (GG, Gg, and gg) and a genotypic ratio of 1:2:1. One-fourth of the F2 generation would be homozygous dominant (GG), one-half would be heterozygous (Gg), and one-fourth would be homozygous recessive (gg).

How many genotypes are in F2 progeny of monohybrid cross?

Phenotypes-4; Genotypes-16.

How many different genotypes are present in the F2 generation?

F2 tall red plants will have 4 genotypes, i.e. homozygous tall homozygous red (TTRR), homozygous tall heterozygous red (TTRr), heterozygous tall and homozygous red (TtRR), and heterozygous tall and heterozygous red (TtRr) will be in the ratio of 1:2:2:4.

What will be the results in the F2 generation after a monohybrid cross?

Crossing two members of the F1 generation produces the second filial (F2) generation. Probability theory predicts that three quarters of the F2 generation will have the dominant allele’s phenotype. And the remaining quarter of the F2s will have the recessive allele’s phenotype.

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How many types of phenotype and genotype will be formed in F2 generation?

in the offspring. F2 showed 4 different phenotypes: the round and yellow traits did not stay linked to each other. Ratios for each trait corresponds to what one would expect from monohybrid crosses.

How many different types of genotypes and phenotypes are formed in F2 generation of Mendelian Dihybrid cross?

Hence 9 different genotypes are possible in Mendel dihybrid cross and the correct option is (B).

How many genotypes are produced?

Genotype is also used to refer to the pair of alleles present at a single locus. With alleles ‘A’ and ‘a’ there are three possible genotypes AA, Aa and aa. With three alleles 1, 2, 3 there are six possible genotypes: 11, 12, 13, 22, 23, 33.

How many genotypes are produced in F2 generation in Dihybrid cross If both genes are pleiotropic?

4 type genotype are produced in F2 generation in a dihybrid cross if both genes are pleiotropic.

What will be the total number of phenotypes and genotypes obtained in F2 generation of a Dihybrid test cross?

Answer: The phenotype ratio in a dihybrid test cross is 9:3:3:1 and the genotypic ratio in the F2 generation is 1:2:1:2:4:2:1:2:1. So, the total comes to 16.