Is it true that a homozygous individual could have a BB genotype?

Which of the following describes an organism that has the genotype BB?


Question Answer
Which of the following describes an organism that has the genotype Bb? Heterozygous
Mendel’s law of segregation states that during meiosis, the factors that control each trait separate, and only___from each pair is/are passed to the offspring. one chromosome

Does DD genotype have two different alleles?

Susan’s genotype is “Dd”, so she is considered HETEROZYGOUS (has two different alleles for a specific gene). … If the dominant allele of a gene carried on an autosome (types 1-22) causes a particular phenotype or disease, then it is an autosomal dominant trait (disease).

Which describes a genotype homozygous dominant for a single trait?

An organism with two dominant alleles for a trait is said to have a homozygous dominant genotype. Using the eye color example, this genotype is written BB. An organism with one dominant allele and one recessive allele is said to have a heterozygous genotype. In our example, this genotype is written Bb.

Is it true that the expression of an organism’s phenotype produces its genotype?

The alleles an individual inherits make up the individual’s genotype. The individual may be homozygous (two of the same alleles) or heterozygous (two different alleles). The expression of an organism’s genotype produces its phenotype.

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Is HH heterozygous or homozygous?

Half the possible offspring will be homozygous, HH, and half will be heterozygous, Hh.

What does genotype DD mean?

Dd = tall (heterozygous) “when two alleles go walking, the TALL allele does the talking” dd = dwarf (homozygous recessive) Mendel was smart to use peas, most stocks are completely true-breeding = homozygous. And he made sure they were homozygous before doing crosses.

Is the genotype DD?

Background: The DD genotype gene is a linkage marker for an etiologic mutation at or near the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene and has been associated with increased risk for the development of coronary artery disease, left ventricular hypertrophy and left ventricular dilation after myocardial infarction.

Is homozygous dominant a genotype?

A homozygous genotype is one in which both alleles are the same, and an organism with a homozygous genotype is said to be true-breeding or purebred. A homozygous dominant genotype is one in which both alleles are dominant.

Which of the following genotype is homozygous dominant?

The correct answer: The genotype which shows the character of homozygous dominant is D. SS.

Which of the following is a homozygous genotype?

A homozygous genotype means that you have two of the same alleles, which are represented by the letters A or a. So if an individual has AA or aa, we say they are homozygous. If that have Aa, they are heterozyous.