In which both types of gametes are motile?

In which algae both male and female gametes are motile?

In some species of fungi and algae, female and male gametes are motile and almost identical. Higher animals, plants, and some species of fungi and algae show a particular type of anisogamy known as oogamy. In oogamy, the female gamete is much larger than the male sex cell, and it is non-motile.

Is female gamete is motile or nonmotile?

Oogamy: in humans and mammals, one of the gametes, male gamete or sperm, is motile and the other gamete, egg, or female gamete is non-motile. This condition is known as oogamy, wherein a large non-motile egg is fertilized or will fuse with a small and motile sperm to form the zygote.

Which gametes are motile in bryophytes?

Male gametes are motile in most cases, and female gametes are fixed. Both forms of gametes are movable in a few algae and fungi. Complete Answer: Most primitive land plants, Bryophytes, mainly thrive in damp and shaded areas. .

Are gametes of Fucus motile?

In Fuscus the male and female gametes are motile and non-motile respectively. …

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In which plants male gametes are motile?

Riccia, Dryopteris and Cycas.

Which algae has non motile gametes?

Option B Red algae: Naturally red algae or Rhodophyceae have a thick and gelatinous cell wall. They lack flagella. The hormogonia of some species are able to move by gliding along surfaces. But, they are characterized by the absence of motile spores or gametes.

In which organism gametes are non-motile?

Angiosperms produce non-motile gametes.

What is motile and non-motile gametes?

motile- that have cilia like structures and can move…… non-motile- do not show any movement.

Do pteridophytes have motile male gametes?

Flagellated male gametes are present in Riccia,Dryopteris and Cycas. The male gametes of bryophytes are biflagellate, and those of pteridophytes are multiflagellate, except Selaginella having biflagellate gametes. The male gametes of gymnosperms are non motile except those of Cycas having multiciliate gametes.

Does Cycas have motile male gametes?

Cycads are dioecious, with separate male and female plants, and fertilisation is effected by motile male gametes—so-called zooidogamous reproduction.

Is Antheridium a sporophyte or Gametophyte?

The male sex organ in non-flowering plants is called an antheridium. A gametophyte is the haploid gamete-producing form of a plant, while a sporophyte is the spore-producing form of the plant.