How much does the human genome weigh?

What is the storage capacity of human DNA?

As this Havard paper points out, the theoretical maximum data storage of DNA is 455 Exabytes per gram. One Exabyte is a thousand Petabytes.

How big is the DNA?

A DNA strand is a long, thin molecule—averaging only about two nanometers (or two billionths of a meter) in width. That is so thin, that a human hair is about 40,000 times as wide.

How much does your DNA weigh?

One dalton is 1.67 x 10-24grams, so the human genome weighs 3.59 x 10-12 grams (10-12 grams is also known as a picogram). The human genome is 3.3 x 109 bp in length.

Which is heavier DNA or protein?

The answer is Protein may or may not be heavier than DNA, because the reason is in the structure. DNA having so long structure like of 200 nucleotides will be heavier than a protein with few amino acids.

Which is the biggest virus?

Comparison of largest known giant viruses

Giant virus name Genome Length Capsid diameter (nm)
Megavirus chilensis 1,259,197 440
Mamavirus 1,191,693 500
Mimivirus 1,181,549 500
M4 (Mimivirus “bald” variant) 981,813 390

Which virus has the smallest genome?

Genome size (smallest known RNA virus genome)

Value 1.7 Kb
Organism Hepatitis delta virus
Reference Huang CR, Lo SJ. Evolution and diversity of the human hepatitis d virus genome. Adv Bioinformatics. 2010:323654. p. 1 right columnPubMed ID20204073
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What is the largest viral genome?

We recently described Megavirus chilensis, a giant virus isolated off the coast of Chile, also replicating in fresh water acanthamoeba. Its 1,259,197-bp genome encodes 1,120 proteins and is the largest known viral genome.