How many mitotic divisions are needed for 100 seeds?

How many meiosis does it take for 100 seeds?

100 male gametes are developed from 100 microspores (from 25 meiotic divisions) and 100 eggs are developed from 100 megaspores (from 100 meiotic division). Hence, number of meiotic divisions necessary for 100 zygotes formation = 25 + 100 = 125.

How many mitotic divisions are required for formation of 100?

Hence, the correct answer is 125 meiosis divisions will be done for the formation of 100 zygotes in humans.

How many mitotic divisions are required to produce a seed?

Complete answer:

The formation of the male gamete requires only one meiotic division which results in four male gametes while the formation of four female gametes requires four meiotic divisions. So, the five meiotic divisions result in four seeds thus 500 meiotic divisions result in 400 seeds.

How many meiotic and mitotic divisions are required for the development of 100 male gametophytes in angiosperms?

Hence, one meiotic division and two mitotic division are required for the formation of fully mature male gametophyte from microspore mother cell in angiosperm.

How many mitotic divisions are required to produce 76 seeds?

Textbook solution. . Therefore, the total number of haploids formed to form 76 seeds are 76 + 19 = 95. 95 meiotic divisions will be required to produce 76 seeds in Guava fruit.

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How many mitotic divisions are required?

Mitosis is an equational division where after division each cell produces two daughter cells, therefore after 7 divisions one cell will give 128 cells in case of mitosis.