How does Down syndrome impact cognitive development?

How does Downs syndrome affect cognitive development?

Cognitive impairment, problems with thinking and learning, is common in people with Down syndrome and usually ranges from mild to moderate. Only rarely is Down syndrome associated with severe cognitive impairment. Other common cognitive and behavioral problems may include1,2,3,4: Short attention span.

What are the cognitive characteristics of children with Down syndrome and how do they influence language development?

Children with Down syndrome are expected to show cognitive delay, to be slower in developing their awareness and understanding of the world and to think reason and remember. This cognitive delay may be in part the consequence of the language learning difficulties.

Which aspects of cognition are affected in Down syndrome and how is cognition impacted by Ageing?

More generally, our work points to a multi-factor theory of the language deficits in individuals with Down syndrome: one factor associated with general cognitive delay; a second associated with the age-related decline in visual short-term memory; a third associated with auditory memory deficits; a fourth, possibly …

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Is Down syndrome a cognitive disability?

Cognitive impairment—which means problems with thinking and learning—is common in people with Down syndrome and usually ranges from mild to moderate.

How does Down syndrome affect intellectual development in adulthood?

People with Down syndrome also tend to get age-related health problems earlier than others. This includes dementia, memory loss, and problems with judgment or changes in personality that are similar to Alzheimer’s disease.

How does Down syndrome affect a child’s language development?

Most children with Down syndrome seem to have considerably more difficulty in learning the grammar and syntax of the language than with learning lexical items. Most children with Down syndrome show specific productive delays, first in being able to say single words and then in being able to produce sequences of words.

Why does Down syndrome affect speech?

Children with Down syndrome have specific impairment in the phonological loop component of working memory relative to their non-verbal abilities, and this is now thought to be a major cause of their speech and language difficulties.

At what age does a child with Down syndrome walk?

For example the average age for walking in typically developing children is 13 months and the range is 9-17 months, while the average age for walking in children with Down syndrome is 24 months and the range is 13-48 months.

Can Down syndrome babies talk?

Most children with Down syndrome do not begin to babble or “talk to themselves” until around 10 months of age. Babbling is an important indicator as to how well the child is doing and whether he or she will be a talker later on, it helps to determine whether a child will or will not have trouble with spoken speech.

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