Frequent question: Does volvox have flagellated gametes?

Does Volvox have motile gametes?

Fusion between one large, non- motile (static) female gamete and a smaller, motile male gamete is termed oogamous, e.g., Volvox, Fucus.

How does Volvox reproduce?

Volvox reproduces asexually through the formation of autocolonies. Special gonidium cells divide to form daughter colonies that are small versions of the parents but with the flagella facing inwards. … Larger gonidia reproductive cells in the colony posterior give rise to the gametes and daughter colonies.

What are the characteristics of Volvox?

Volvox Characteristics

  • A single colony of volvox looks like a ball of ~0.5 mm in diameter.
  • The plant body of volvox is a hollow sphere called coenobium, thousands of cells are arranged in the periphery of the sphere.
  • The cells of coenobium are of two types, germ cells and flagellated somatic cells.

Is Volvox a phytoplankton or zooplankton?

Vibrio cholerae is responsible for a large number of waterborne outbreaks (Alam et al., 2006) and has been detected both in the planktonic state and also attached to both abiotic and biotic surfaces that have included zooplankton (e.g. amoebae), phytoplankton (e.g. Volvox) and cyanobacteria.

Which type of gametes are found in Volvox?

In sexual reproduction two types of gametes are produced. Volvox species can be monoecious or dioecious. Male colonies release numerous sperm packets, while in female colonies single cells enlarge to become oogametes, or eggs.

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Does Volvox produce morphologically similar gametes?

Volvox is an algae growing usually in stagnant water or rivers. The sexual reproduction in volvox is an oogamous type. Thus, two morphologically dissimilar gametes are produced. Therefore the correct answer is spirogyra.

Does Volvox have Isogamous?

Volvox and other large colonials (Pleodorina, Eudorina) transitioned from an isogamous ancestral mating system to an anisogamous or oogamous one with eggs and sperm.

How do somatic and reproductive cells of Volvox differ in function?

How do somatic and reproductive cells of Volvox differ in function? Somatic cells are the vegetative photosynthetic ones and the reproductive one are differentiated to produce either sperm or eggs.

Is Volvox eukaryotic or prokaryotic?

Volvox is a eukaryotic green algae. Algae of the genus Volvox are an example of the link between colonial organisms and multicellular organisms.