During which phase of mitosis is the kinetochore required quizlet?

In which phase of mitosis does spindle microtubules attach to kinetochores quizlet?

Prometaphase: * microtubules attach to kinetochores. Metaphase: *kinetochores are motionlessin relation to poles of cell.

What is the function of the kinetochore during mitosis quizlet?

Kinetochores form the attachment between the sister chromatids and the dynamically growing and shrinking microtubules of the mitotic spindle. The kinetochores are also able to sense the tension formed when the two attached sister chromatids are properly attached to each pole of the bipolar spindle.

What is the function of the kinetochore during mitosis?

In eukaryotes, the kinetochore is a proteinaceous multi-subunit assembly whose main function is to generate load-bearing attachments of sister chromatids (the replicated chromosomes held together by the protein complex cohesin) to spindle microtubules during cell division (mitosis or meiosis) (Figure 1A).

What role do microtubules play during mitosis quizlet?

What role do microtubules play during mitosis? Microtubules play a role in the migration of chromosomes to opposite ends of a dividing cell during anaphase. 1- Genetic material divided and 2 daughter cells form. 2-Cellular contents excluding chromosomes are duplicated.

Which of the following is true of Kinetochores?

Which of the following is true of kinetochores? They are sites at which microtubules attach to chromosomes. As the spindle depolymerizes, the kinetochores appear to move alone the spindle fiber, dragging the attached chromosomes with them.

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What is the function of the structure kinetochore?

The vertebrate kinetochore is a complex structure that specifies the attachments between the chromosomes and microtubules of the spindle and is thus essential for accurate chromosome segregation. Kinetochores are assembled on centromeric chromatin through complex pathways that are coordinated with the cell cycle.