Can gametes be heterozygous?


What does it mean if a gamete is heterozygous?

Matching genes occurring at the same loci on homologous chromosomes are called alleles. If a pair of alleles are identical they are called homozgous. If the pair contains two different alleles (one dominant and one recessive) they are termed heterozygous. [

Are human gametes heterozygous?

Humans have 23 pairs of chromosomes. That means that one person could produce 223 different gametes. … However, some of these combinations produce the same genotype (for example, several gametes can produce a heterozygous individual).

How many gametes are in heterozygous?

The number of different possible gametes produced by the diploid genotype (AaBbCcDdEe) is 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 32 (2 for each pair of heterozygous genes).

What kind of gametes can be produced by a heterozygous?

A heterozygous individual has two different alleles. Therefore it would have the genotype Aa. An individual with the genotype Aa can make two types of gametes: A and a. Since this is a random process, the individual will, on average, make equal numbers of each gamete.

Do gametes controls traits and inheritance?

Genes control traits and their inheritance is determined by recombination events that occur during fertilization of the gametes.

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Are gametes formed through mitosis?

Gametes are produced by mitosis (not meiosis) and after fertilization a diploid zygote is created. … It can only divide by meiosis to produce haploid cells once more, which then produce the main adult body.

Is AA heterozygous or homozygous?

If an organism has two copies of the same allele, for example AA or aa, it is homozygous for that trait. If the organism has one copy of two different alleles, for example Aa, it is heterozygous.

How do you identify gametes?

When you are doing a monohybrid cross, finding possible gametes is easy. All you have to do is give one allele to half the gametes, and the other allele to the other half of the gametes (remember gametes are haploid, so they get only 1 of each gene or letter!). Then cross out any duplicates.

What gametes would be produced by an organism with the genotype hh?

What gametes would be produced by an organism with the genotype Hh? The gametes will either have H or h.