The Dyslexic Library is a mother and daughter living in Ottawa, Canada. We share news, information, tips, book reviews, personal stories and more. We write anonymously because we’ve both experienced bullying and discrimination from people who only see dyslexic weaknesses and none of our dyslexic strengths.


I’m a mom, an experienced writer  and communicator.

School was always challenging for me, and my dyslexia went undiagnosed and unsupported for most of my life.

I was told I’d never go to university: I didn’t listen. I have a BA in english literature from Carleton University (Ottawa), and a MSC in social science from the University of Edinburgh.

I used to be a student frustrated with the education system. Now I’m a parent frustrated with the education system. I believe we could change the world if schools identified,  supported and accepted all kids with learning differences. Read about my life with dyslexia.

sarah on beach 2I’m 13 years old & I’m in grade 8.

Most of the time I forget that I’m dyslexic because I don’t notice it.

I see dyslexia as a spectrum; it’s worse for some than others.

Here are 5 things I’d like you to know about dyslexia and how I didn’t learn to read.