Reading: No one is too small to make a difference


It’s fitting that the world’s most eloquent and influential under 20 leader has had her writing canonized by the infamous Penguin books. I love Penguin, and I was thrilled to find this little gem for my daughter’s 14th birthday.


The book is titled No one is too small to make a difference, and that’s certainly true for the Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg who sparked a global movement at the age of 15 (she’s 17 now).

The book includes her most talked about speeches to global leaders and youth around the world. Also included is a social media post addressing her critics who have said: “I’m too young to do this.” (she’s not)

We’ve all heard her one liners like, “Our house is on fire” (from her speech to the World Economic Forum, 2019) and “I want you to panic” (from her speech to the European Parliament, 2019). Do yourself a favour and read her speeches in entirety. They are rich and thoughtful in content and style.

Speaking truth to power

I know why my daughter and so many youth are inspired by Greta Thunberg. (I wrote about this here: The times they are a changing…)

In so many ways, whether it’s the environment or the education system, this generation is being let down by their elders and they know it.

In Thunberg’s speech, “Can you hear me?” to British Parliament, she describes her unease growing up in a world where everyone tells youth to “dream big” and “be whoever you want to be.” It’s hard to dream big when you’re worried about the very existence of the planet. It’s hard to “dream big” when you’re not even being taught to read.

“We children shouldn’t have to do this. But since almost no one is doing anything, and our very future is at risk, we feel like we have to continue.” ~Greta Thunberg

The collective speeches of Greta Thunburg aren’t a cry for help — they’re a call to action. And we must listen.

Why we love this book

The best of Nobel Prize winning climate change activist Greta Thunberg all in one perfect little Penguin edition? It’s a slim volume that is easy to read, easy to carry around and absolutely unputdownable.

My daughter yet again proved that if something grabs her, she’ll gobble it up in one sitting. In her words: “It’s beautiful and inspiring.”

And then there’s this (all proceeds go to charity):



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