It isn’t scary having dyslexia. What’s scary is the lack of understanding and support for the world’s most common learning disability. It starts young and leads to a life-time of discrimination.

In honour of Halloween, we’ve listed our top 6 things that scare dyslexics (believe me it could be longer!). Because sometimes the scariest things are those things you can’t see.

What scares you?


6 things that scare dyslexic_halloween_myths


Posted by lostandfoundbooks

I am unable to withstand the gravitational pull of bookstores and anything vintage. I am passionate about art, books, coffee, public radio (CBC), social justice and writing.


  1. […] Blaney’s son is spot on. One of my biggest fears is to ask for help. People with learning disabilities don’t want to stand out as different or […]



  2. You craft brilliant headlines – they condense so much meaning into so few words!! You amaze me.

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