New report: How the working world can benefit from the dyslexic mind

A new report called “The Value of Dyslexia”, released today by Ernst and Young and Made by Dyslexia, highlights specific — and in demand — strengths and skills that dyslexics bring to the job.

I give it A+++++ (to infinity).

The report matches up dyslexic strengths (something called “skills mapping”) with skills required in the rapidly changing world of work. Just a few dyslexic skills identified: cognitive flexibility, reasoning, complex problem solving, connecting and communicating.

Who’s it for?

Dyslexics, employers, educators and advocates.

Top 5 ways to use this report

  1. To get specific evidence of the value of dyslexia, neurodiversity and inclusion in education and the workforce
  2. To understand dyslexia, as well as how to maximize dyslexic strengths and support weaknesses
    • “This should be a priority for leaders. Clear leadership is a core building block in creating a psychologically safe environment in which dyslexic strengths can flourish.”
  3. To map out a neurodiverse talent strategy — how organizations that implement inclusive hiring practices today will fill specific skills gap in the future
  4. As a tool to support your job hunt and career planning
    • Do your own “skills mapping”
      • read the report, and identify your dyslexic strengths; match those up with what is required by a specific job or in general (by employers); not only will this give you confidence boost, it will help you apply this information to your resume, your job search and your interview.
  5. To understand dyslexic perspectives from all walks of life
    • includes case studies to show different personal experiences (good, bad and in between) with dyslexia, education and employment
    • uses a strength-based approach that focuses on our “value” to employers rather than our “need” for employment

And to my last point — Made by Dyslexia is by and for dyslexics. Essentially, this is a report about inclusion that is actually inclusive. That enriches it, and is further evidence that inclusion is a smart business practice.

Quotable quotes

“In this report, we analyse how dyslexic strengths match closely to the pressing skill requirements of the changing world and have provided recommendations to nurture and grow these abilities.” ~Richard Addison, Dyslexia Network Partner Sponsor

“We hope this report will be the tipping point that enables the world to see the value of dyslexia and highlights why dyslexia should be a priority in schools. As this report shows, the working world can benefit from dyslexic minds.” ~Kate Griggs, Made by Dyslexic Founder and CEO

Read the report


The value of dyslexia: Dyslexic strengths and the changing world of work



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