Video: What’s it like to be dyslexic?


What’s it like to be dyslexic? That’s a very good question, and you know what? No one ever asks me. Not one teacher has ever asked my daughter. I’m not sure why. Maybe because you don’t want to offend, or you don’t care. I wish you did. Ask. Care. Both.

British graphic designer Josh Penn shows what it’s like for him in this beautiful 60-second animation. The struggle, the shame AND the incredible creativity of dyslexia.


Josh Penn used his own experience with dyslexia to create the video as a final project at university. It was widely acclaimed and brought clients to his door. Another example of how dyslexia can be turned into a positive.

For most dyslexics, words and letters don’t swim around like this, though many do report seeing the words move or sway on the page. I don’t want to speak for Josh, but I’m assuming this is an artistic rendering, rather than a literal representation, of reading with dyslexia.

See more of Josh Penn’s work.

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