5 things a 12-year-old wants you to know about dyslexia


My 12-year-old daughter has a pretty kick-ass attitude about dyslexia. It’s more of a footnote¹ to her life, rather than something that defines or limits her.

Her success is a testament to her hard work and perseverance in the face of adversity–not caused by her learning differences, but by the lack of understanding and support she experienced early on at school. In particular, how the “wait and see” approach (also known as the “failure model“) made school harder than it needed to be for her in the long run.

Given her experience with the education system, what would she like you to know?

5 things a 12-year-old wants you to know about dyslexia:

  1. The general consensus is dyslexia is a lesser problem than other challenges children face — it’s not.
  2. I hate when people say dyslexic readers are just “late bloomers.”
  3. People also think you are just a “slow reader”…but it’s more than that (like spelling, hand writing and memory).
  4. Schools should give a small test to find out if a child is having trouble reading.
  5. You need to give us reading help early to get the basics in our head.

Memo to our education system: please accept this simple 5-point plan to help children with dyslexia succeed.

Free of charge!

You’re welcome!


  1. My daughter was finally identified (through a private assessment) with dyslexia in grade three after struggling through many years of school without support. She didn’t learn to read at school but spent three years in private tutoring. She overcame her challenges and is now a great reader and an academically strong and adaptable student who won’t let anything hold her back from achieving her dreams.

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