Watch: New animated short film #IAmDyslexic


“Remember, you are not alone.”

That is the empowering message of I AM DYSLEXIC – a gorgeous animated short film just released on YouTube for all the world to see and share.

The award-winning film was directed and produced by Mads Johan Øgaard and Katie Wyman. They are both talented and creative dyslexics – their successful film making a reminder that dyslexia needn’t hold you back from achieving your dreams.

The film was made with no budget and a team of more than 60 students most of which have dyslexia and other learning differences.

Mads Johan Øgaard says he made the film to create dyslexia awareness – and to help children get the support his 10-year-old self needed (but didn’t get).

“We want people to be proud and know they are not alone. We believe our current school system doesn’t know how to deal with these learning differences, and that many students don’t get the proper support they should have. We have experienced being looked down on for our different way of learning. We believe it is very important to show the world what this is and that it is possible to create beautiful things when you have a learning difference.

Share it with the world.”

Watch the 6-minute masterpiece here (warning: get out the tissues!):

The film is incredibly moving, and helps you feel what it’s like to have an unsupported learning difference like dyslexia – the anxiety, frustration and shame of not understanding and not being understood.

This is especially timely given the worrying news about anxiety in children today. Sadly, many of you won’t be surprised by these statistics because you know too well the dyslexia-anxiety connection.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be this way – if children get the help they need. And this is ultimately what this film is imploring us to do.

Get help

Find out what can be done to support your child in “Elliot’s message” – the latest in a series of educational newsletters by Canadian reading expert Nancy Young.

More information about the film

I AM DYSLEXIC on Facebook

I AM DYSLEXIC – interview with directors (Geek Film Festival blog)

Interview with director-animator Mads Johan Øgaard (Matthew Toffolo blog)

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