Summer reading


The Dyslexic Library is on vacation, and we’re reading:


Relish: My life in the kitchen (2013) – – graphic novel by Lucy Knisley – our number one pick of the summer!!! – tells the story of a woman’s (the author) life, and lessons learned about food, cooking and life – she was raised in a very foodie environment and grew up to take a completely different path – includes recipes – beautiful illustrations and beautiful story – recommended for teenagers and adults – writer has web comic (Review by SH & AMB)


Nimona (2015) – graphic novel by Noelle Stevenson – pronounced Nimona not “pneumonia” (ha!) – good book about transforming (shapeshifting) girl who has “iffy” backstory – may not be appropriate for young children (book says recommended for teens) – heartfelt storybeautiful illustrations – writer has web comic (Review by SH)


Secret Hero Society #2: Fort Solitude (2016) – novel by Derek Fridolfs and Dustin Nguyen, published by iconic company, DC Comics – children with super powers go to summer camp for week, including Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman as children – many conspiracy theories included – good for young children and comic book fanatics -part of a series which currently has 2 books – book website (Review by SH)


Thinking differently (2014) – my new “go to” parent’s guide to dyslexia – expertly and compassionately written by David Flink – he was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD as a child, and is the founder of Eye to Eye, a national mentoring program for children with learning disabilities – the book is an empowering and inspiring place to learn about dyslexia and ADHD and to embrace the “no more shame” mantra – highly recommended for parents and educators (Review by AMB)


The Woman Who Went To Bed For A Year (2012) — by Sue Townsend, beloved author of the Adrian Mole series – I hadn’t intended to tackle a 400+ page novel this summer, but it jumped out at me in a second-hand bookstore…and for reasons that are obvious to most mom’s out there, I had to buy the book – about a woman who, on the day her twins leave home, climbs into bed and stays there – I’m only a few pages in, and I’m already chuckling and nodding (Review by AMB)

What are you reading?

Join the #dyslexicbookclub. Tell us what you’re reading this summer (remember everything counts — books, blogs, comics, magazines, cereal boxes!) and we’ll post it here. You can comment directly in the Reply section of this post (scroll down to the end of this page), or find other ways to contact us.

About the reviewers:

SH is a tween who loves to draw, play video games and read graphic novels.

AMB is a mother and writer who loves buying books more than reading them.

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