How i didn’t learn to read


I’m a child and this is how I learnt to read or you could say how I didn’t.

When you think about giftedness you think that reading would be like a first sense, but it’s not. I didn’t learn the way the school teaches, here’s the summary:

Teacher: “Here kids this is how to pronounce the alphabet, now go read.”

Me (in my head): “teacher, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, that was so vague TEACH ME!”


In one week, everybody could read “complicated books”. They aren’t hard for me now but that’s because they aren’t very complicated. Me on the other hand, I wasn’t even able to read extremely simple books but I was shy at that time so I didn’t say a thing to anyone.

After a few more days I decided hey, I need to read, so every day when I was driven to my house by my dad, I read each sign I saw and eventually I learnt to read. The only problem with my method was that I knew a few basic words but mostly I knew long, complicated words that weren’t in any book. So I had to read all the basic books while everyone else had basically mastered reading.

After a week of trial and error I began to learn by reading out loud, and everyone complained that I was too loud and they said I had to read in my head. This frustrated me because I didn’t know how, so I had to learn, AGAIN, and even after a year of hard work I was still considered bad at reading.

So please try to change this. It’s been a long time since this happened to me and I don’t know if it’s still going on, even though I was in grade one and I’m almost in grade six. But if you find out your six year old is being taught this way talk to their teacher or teach them yourself.

Each person learns differently… make a change in their life

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