What students with dyslexia want you to know


The student panel at the 2016 dyslexia conference in Toronto blew the audience away with their eloquent and inspiring presentation (if Richard Branson is looking for future executives, look no further!). By sharing their stories, they are helping to empower a generation of children and youth. Thank you!


Here’s what youth with dyslexia want you to know.

Biggest obstacles?

“When people tell you that you can’t read, that makes me sad.”

“Emotional stress.”

“Getting accommodations.”

“Once you learn to read, it’s the emotional aspect…”

“Dyslexia will only hold you back if you let it.”

What would you tell your kindergarten self?

“Do not focus on what you can’t do. Focus on what you can do.”

Who or what helped you?

“My mom.”

“My teacher.”

What would make your time in school easier?



“Getting accommodations, like extra time.”

Advice to other dyslexic students?

“Everyone is different, and everyone has a different brain. Our difference is ‘classified.'”

“Depends on how you look at it. It’s a difference not a disadvantage. You’re not a slow reader, you read differently.”

“You’re not stupid; it’s a learning difficulty. You can overcome it.”

“This is how I learn.”

“If you get the help you need, you are going to succeed.”


“To be able to share knowledge and experiences helps to raise your confidence.”

“I feel passionate about it.”

“You get to know yourself and how you learn.”

“…good at problem solving.”

“Helping others.”

“You try harder to learn the basics; but you learn to succeed.”

“Think outside the box; very creative.”

What would you tell a bully?

“I’m no different than you.”

“I’m just as smart.”

“Don’t respond; keep trying.”

“You have a difference too.”

“Give them a huge lecture on neurodiversity.”

“Ignore them.”

“I’m probably smarter than you.”

“I’m not different; I learn differently.”

You can see a video of youth sharing their personal story here.


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