Video: Dysplamentary #dyslexia documentary (part 2)


In my last post, I wrote about the Dyspla collective, which celebrates dyslexic story makers from around the world.

Now, a bit about their documentary Dysplamentary.

I am fascinated by the trailers, which are available online.

I love the disconnected fragments, the feeling of frustration and anger, and the sense of triumph that permeates the film. Certainly, some days, the world looks and feels like this to me.

As taken from their website:

“this film…is tied together by a monolog taken from Lorenzo Miliani and the School of Babiana’s Letter to a Teacher, performed by dyslexic actor/writter Matthew Scurfield, and footage shot during the demolition and eviction of Occupy London’s St Pauls Camp.”

Take a look at two trailers:

The doc was released in 2014 by Kazimir Bielecki, who is behind the successful production agency bielecki&bielecka.

Both films come out of the Dyspla collective.

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