Video: monsters, mavericks, mothers (part 1)


Dyslexics are no longer relegated to the dummy table.

We are telling our stories–part confessional, part celebratory and always challenging stereotypes.

What does pure, unadulterated dyslexic story telling look like?

It’s angry, edgy, honest, funny, and unsettling.

It’s DYSPLA, a film making collective out of the UK that brings together dyslexic story makers from around the world.

Watch their powerful video, celebrating dyslexic story makers–monsters, mavericks, mothers:

The script, that I have transcribed here, is the perfect dyslexic manifesto:

“Once upon a time we were confined to special rooms for special kids who could not learn
As time went by we grew into monsters, mavericks, mothers
Our imagination captivated the world, and we fought against everything that was the norm
We built our own community, and gave our tribe a name:
Every tribe has a code, and and ours is to celebrate dyslexic story makers.
We recruit them from around the world so as to bring together one united one dyslexic narrative
Together we can overthrow the linear thinkers, the non-believers and the boring.
We can shake them, move them, motivate them, we can bring them a better beginning and lead them to an unpredictable end.
Let’s make better stories. The world needs them. Desperately.”

More to come about DYSPLA in the next post.


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