Top 10 Halloween costumes that honour dyslexic heroes

Halloween is here! If you’re dyslexic, you’re in luck. There are lots of great costumes you can wear to celebrate your dyslexic strengths and honour your dyslexic heroes.

1. Super hero. Lots of choice here!

Don a Spider-Man suit — Tom Holland, the lead actor of this year’s hit Marvel movie is dyslexic.

Dress up as yourself!! Unpack your cape and tights, and unleash your incredible dyslexic super powers: brave, resilient, persistent, creative, super smart, change makers.



2. Spy. Intelligence agencies hire dyslexics for their big picture thinking–seeing connections no one else can see. This one’s easy: all you need is a trench coat, hat, sunglasses, and your favourite spy gear.


3. Rock star. Dyslexic? Welcome to the cool club. We’ve got Carly Simon, Cher, John Lennon, Gwen Stefani, and the list goes on. Unpack your inner rock star: get out your leather jacket, beatle glasses, crazy wigs.


4. Artist. The dyslexic brain is a creative brain, enabled with visual spacial abilities. Many of the world’s greatest artists are dyslexic: Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, Andy Warhol, and more. All you need is a beret or a crazy wig, a paint brush, and voila!




5. Scientist. Too many to mention: Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, Albert Einstein (ok, Einstein is not confirmed, but I say we adopt him), and then there are all the dyslexic astrophysicists, like Maggie Aderin-Pocock. So grab your lab coat, a beaker or a telescope, and get your geek on.





6. Entrepreneur. Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Kevin O’Leary…why so many successful dyslexic entrepreneurs? Dyslexics aren’t just creative thinkers, they are hard workers, problem solvers, and resilient risk-takers. Dream big, for today anyway!




7. Filmmaker. Most dyslexics I know (myself included) love to escape from the world of text and into the wonderful world of pictures. That makes for a great filmmaker, like Walt Disney,  Larry Banks and Steven Spielberg (all dyslexic). Their amazing imaginations have created many memorable characters–how about dressing up as ET, Mary Poppins or Cinderella?




8. Famous writer. Dyslexics can’t be writers? Tell that to John Irving, Agatha christie, Philip Schultz, William Butler Yeats, F. Scott Fitzgerald–all dyslexic, all successful writers. (In fact, dyslexics may just be hardwired to be great writers). For Halloween, dress up like your favourite author, or one of the characters they’ve created.




9. Athlete. Dyslexics have grit, a quality that helps make great athletes. Hockey star Brent Sopel, Boxer Mohammed Ali, Formula One racing driver Jackie Stewart, US Olympic medalists Kami Craig and Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce Jenner), are all dyslexic. You can throw together this costume without breaking a sweat–put on a track suit, running shoes, and borrow your child’s track meet medals.


10. Chef. Flaunt your culinary skills, and dress up as famous dyslexic chef Jamie Oliver. (Hopefully your costume will involve chocolate cake!)


Don’t be spooked by dyslexia. Learn more about dyslexic advantages.

Happy Halloween!

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